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COVID Focused Operations Assessment
Schools are starting to open under COVID restrictions and looming budget cuts. TransPar has developed COVID focused services and tools to support school districts during this challenging time. TransPar will assess your financial, organizational, and operational situation to identify COVID related school start needs, potential cost savings, and efficiency opportunities.
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Advisory Services

TransPar Group’s Advisory Team is dedicated exclusively to the design, management, and operations of school transportation programs. Whether your objective is to assess performance and improve efficiency, meet new bell time mandates, assess and reduce cost, or successfully implement new technologies, we can assist with the development and implementation of an innovative, safe, and fiscally responsible school transportation program.

TransPar simplifies the complexities of your school transportation operation by clarifying and outlining the effect of policies, costs, bus routing and technology on your transportation performance. This allows you to keep the focus on student performance in the classroom. Whether you simply require clarity, or are ready to make a substantial change that requires focused expertise, TransPar’s array of experienced analysts and transportation industry professionals are ready to help.


Achieving high levels of efficiency and effectiveness requires striking a balance between the competing, and often times conflicting, demands of a sophisticated school transportation program. We offer a concise understanding of a range of factors that influence your transportation operation. TransPar’s Operational Assessment provides a roadmap to safe, high quality, cost-effective school transportation services.


The number of school buses you use, and the way you use them, are the pillars of your student transportation program’s efficiency. Yet often times, filling seats and reusing school buses can be an elusive goal. With the option to use your current technology or bring in new routing software, TransPar can assist with developing an understanding of the variables and constraints involved with routing and scheduling, and will create a plan to help maximize the potential of your school transportation program.


The decision to change school bell times is fraught with challenges that extend beyond school transportation, but it is often this very service that such decisions hang on. Using a range of technologies, analytical techniques and facilitation skills, TransPar offers start-to-finish assistance when a client is considering a school bell time change strategy. Understanding that even minor time changes can have a major impact on the community underscores our methodical, informative and interactive approach to managing this difficult and complicated process.


Every pupil transportation program is unique. And the questions and concerns that you have require unique solutions. TransPar is adept at designing, building and implementing customized, problem-solving solutions for school transportation programs across North America. We will work with you to develop a process that answers your questions and solves your problems – all at a price you can afford.


School district-operated, contracted, and mixed operations all have potential benefits as well as shortcomings. Transpar can help you understand your system and draw comparisons to alternatives. Our logical approach establishes a clear path forward from analysis to implementation, ensuring a positive impact on the school transportation services provided to your students. We offer as-needed assistance or a completely facilitated, four-step process including an evaluation of feasibility; detailed planning; managing the transition; and follow-up oversight until a new and improved steady-state is achieved.