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Our Vision: Ensuring equitable access to education through Responsible Student Transportation

Our Mission: Provide world-class student transportation services and solutions through empowered professionals

TransPar Group, founded in 1995, is the largest school transportation management, consulting and advisory firm in North America dedicated to student transportation. We have worked with and supported more than 500 districts, schools, and state agencies in 42 states, from Rhode Island to Hawaii, in 4 Canadian provinces, for over 28 years.

Student transportation is unique in that it touches nearly everyone in the community daily and is most times taken for granted. All student transportation systems have three things in common – students, drivers and vehicles. Our solutions are designed based on the needs of the students, and our teams work diligently to ensure that the drivers and vehicles are supported properly to deliver those solutions. We believe in the provision of innovative ‘Responsible Transportation Solutions’, supported by the following pillars, all of which ensure a premier level of service delivery for students, and a culture that drivers and staff are proud to be a part of:

1. Integrity – Your goals are our goals. We will provide your organization with a safe, reliable, cost efficient transportation system, and work as a team with your leadership to identify and mitigate any obstacles identified.
2. Client Service – We are dedicated and honored to serve your District and community through open communication, transparency, timeliness, and attention to detail.
3. Stewardship – We are committed to the careful and responsible management and transportation of the students and resources entrusted to us.

Our team has worked directly alongside instructional leaders to identify opportunities for improvement within their transportation systems, in an effort to better serve students and reduce transportation costs to the greatest extent possible. TransPar differs from school bus contractors in that the Company does not own buses. Instead, TransPar evaluates, analyze, manages, supervises, staffs or otherwise supports transportation departments with the goal of achieving the best balance of safety, service and cost. Our partnerships vary in length from a few months of providing interim leadership and support, to over nineteen years of lending strategic support in many of the following capacities:

ManagementRouting and planningStaffingincluding driver recruiting, hiring, training, and retainingOperationsincluding dispatch, customer service, etc.Maintenance

MangementRouting and planningStaffingincluding driver recruiting, hiring, training, and retainingOperationsincluding dspatch, customer service, etc.maintenance

  • Management & staffing: hiring directors, managers, routers, dispatchers, drivers, mechanics, monitors and every position in between
  • Route planning & development: routing software review & implementation assistance, creating and modifying regular and special education routes, boundary development, walk and hazardous area development, new campus planning
  • Contractor management, evaluation & compliance oversight: contractor performance management, transportation vendor oversight, contract  and compliance audits
  • Strategic & operational planning: insource vs. outsource analysis, service model transitions, population growth/decline impact studies, recruiting and retention plan development, succession planning
  • Fleet maintenance, management, modeling & replacement: fleet readiness & compliance, rightsizing analysis, lease vs. purchase determinations, maintenance practice review, audit, and redevelopment
  • Policy, protocol and procedure development: student transportation eligibility requirements, attendance boundary parameters, hazardous area qualifications, walk zone criteria, student management procedures, standard operating procedures, emergency and COVID-19 protocols
  • School program reviews, placement, and impact analysis: charter/magnet schools, choice schools, private/parochial, ESL, special needs, etc.
  • Efficiency studies: time and bus capacity utilization, bell time analysis and scenario modeling, social-distancing scenario planning
  • Financial modeling and cost allocation analysis: local and national driver wage analysis, maintenance and fuel cost evaluation, state report submission and reimbursement analysis, COVID cost-tracking and reporting
  • Electric school bus/vehicle (ESB/EV) and alternative fuel feasibility analysis: analyzing current fleet data to develop operational roadmaps for implementing electric or alternative fuel vehicles, including required infrastructure

TransPar’s Tenets

Transcend workplace norms to establish enviable, diverse, people-first, and culture-rich environments that inspire and empower our teams to serve and lead

Recognize, reward, and celebrate the people who make us and our partners successful every day

Advance our core competencies and develop innovative tools and offerings that continue to position us as the lead student transportation solutions provider

Negate complacency by establishing objectives and key results (OKRs) and committing the resources necessary to achieve them

Serve our clients and customers with integrity

Partner with our clients through collaborative dialogue focused on safety, continuous improvement, increased levels of service, and aligned objectives

Analyze operational data to make data-driven business decisions and recommendations

Relentlessly pursue our mission, vision, and tenets