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Management & staffing

For more than 25 years, TransPar’s Management and Staffing Services have assisted customers with making their school transportation programs safe, reliable, and efficient. We have managed the student transportation programs of school districts with as many as 1,500 vehicles and a staff of sixteen personnel, to operations consisting of 10 vehicles and a single Transportation Director.  School districts tend to choose either an Insourced or Outsourced student transportation model.  TransPar provides an alternative solution that enables a school district to find the optimal level of cost, customer service, and operational effectiveness for their students and parents.

Our process leads directly to professional leadership, increased efficiency, strengthened customer service, and sound fiscal responsibility. A management contract with TransPar results in measurable cost reductions and service improvements.


Our comprehensive contractor management approach encompasses four key elements: Resources, Oversight, Development, and Strategy.


We can help your school bus driver shortage issues by developing a recruiting program and hiring, training and retaining drivers to supplement your current driver force.


We utilize the expertise of our staff to bring a mentoring partnership to the leadership of your team, focused on maximizing the savings and customer service opportunities available to your department.


We are different from contractors in that we do not own any buses. With this service, we manage, supervise and guide school districts to attain the best balance of safety, service, and cost.