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COVID Operations Assessment

Strategies for a Successful COVID School Start

Wondering how to address your state and local COVID restrictions? 

Need to identify Cost Savings due to impending COVID budget cuts? 

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on student transportation are quickly becoming apparent.  As schools re-open, transportation departments will be faced with unprecedented operational constraints related to social distancing, continued remote learning, new school day schedules, and limits on the number of students and teachers allowed in school facilities.  Our COVID-focused cost-recovery and efficiency analysis is a targeted assessment of potential organizational and operational changes that can save school districts money while meeting COVID guidelines and providing quality customer service.  Our team will collect financial, routing, and operations data, and review relevant contracts and policies in order to inform our comprehensive analysis. This will enable us to effectively identify savings and efficiency opportunities.  Our focus areas include but are not limited to the following:

COVID Resources

COVID Operations Decision Making Tool

TransPar has developed a comprehensive decision making framework to help school districts prepare to re-open schools....

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Budget cuts, social distancing, remote learning.  COVID-19 has produced many new challenges for school district leaders to address. TransPar is actively monitoring all COVID-related impacts and developing resources to help transportation departments navigate the upcoming transition back to school.   Share your concerns with a TransPar expert and let us help you start to plan and manage all the COVID related impacts to your transportation department. The consultation will help you maximize the performance of employees during the COVID shutdown and help leaders prepare and plan for post COVID operations.  

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