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TransPar Route Management Services

Add an expert to your staff and reduce your operating costs. Route management is an integral part of the organization, as it is sometimes the sole employee who understands the intricacies of routes. The why’s and where’s of each route comprise the puzzle that few have the time and capacity to master.

  • Do you feel your bus routes can be planned more efficiently?
  • Are you left in the dark about daily performance and reporting?
  • Do you have the answers for parents and community stakeholders about why your buses are here or there?

Most modern transportation departments store all relevant data in a locally hosted server, or in the cloud. Information is accessed via routing management software, GPS customer facing portals, or other platforms that can be viewed from anywhere with a secure connection. Many routing software packages contain analytical tools and maps that can be leveraged to design routes from a remote location. Bus routes can be designed and maintained remotely with access to information related to student residences, schools of attendance, and the bus fleet.

An initial consultation will review all internal business processes such as student registration, address changes, bus changes, and any other operational tasks that potentially occur daily. In addition, the initial consultation includes a survey of the district area including analysis of hazardous highways, sidewalk infrastructure, and other local geography that is relevant to bus routes.

Route management software licenses are not cheap and come with an ongoing maintenance fee. The ability to leverage these programs effectively is important. Many districts may implement the software successfully but after many years with software version updates, ongoing training costs, changes in staffing, or for many other reasons, the software may no longer be fully implemented. There is a substantial volume of data that supports the transportation operation including: the bus schedule, bus stop locations, student rosters, GPS vehicle location, GPS vehicle speed, and the list goes on. This data can be very powerful in supporting an operation if managed properly.

Customer Benefits

TransPar Performance Improvement Services


TransPar takes a holistic approach by leveraging your GPS, financial, and routing data to develop an operational improvement performance plan.  Have consistently late routes?  Not sure if drivers are adhering to planned routes? Having issues with cost control?  Transpar can quickly identify and develop solutions to complex operational challenges. 

RouteYield™ is a routing efficiency evaluation that analyzes the time and capacity utilization of every run in your transportation system. RouteYield™ is not intended to be critical of bus routes as designed, but rather to look for opportunities to improve service to stakeholders and operate more efficiently. TransPar understands that routes are created under an umbrella of constraints and variables, which can make finding efficiencies incredibly challenging. However, the RouteYield™ system takes what was once the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack and quickly identifies the constraints, while immediately identifying any opportunities that may exist to reduce runs, improve service quality, or both.

Our team of experts will:


  • Perform RouteYield™ (Time and Capacity Analysis)
  • Assess school on-time performance 
  • Assess on-time performance and usage at bus stops
  • Perform trend analysis of driver schedule vs actual work performed
  • Identify GPS trends related to speeding and idling
  • Perform comprehensive review of all routes
  • Interview operations staff and management
  • Develop current and future state process maps 
  • Develop prioritized list of operational improvement opportunities