Understanding the Driver Shortage

Study after study confirms that the widespread school bus driver shortage is not subsiding anytime soon. In fact, according to School Bus Fleet Magazine, the shortage has “made this year’s back-to-school season a rough ride for some beyond the usual period of adjustment, and this year, the media seems to have taken more notice than in previous years.”

We have a few opinions on the matter and reasons behind the driver shortages (after all, our TransPar unit provides driver staffing for districts across the country), but in order to fully understand the driver shortage, it’s never just about the money.

  • ECONOMIC FACTORS: As the broader economy gets better, the shortage problem generally gets worse
  • FINANCIAL FACTORS: Pay and benefits are critical but so are the number of hours
  • OPERATIONAL FACTORS: What hours are available, what trips and supplemental opportunities are available, what condition is fleet in
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: What are working conditions like, how are drivers valued, what happens when students are written up

We recently conducted a Webinar titled, How to Overcome Complex School Transportation Challenges and Design Highly Efficient Operations, where we covered this issue and help you understand that by shifting the focus from fixing to mitigating provides for more effective options.